Uis Gara Runway

On  the bright Sunday afternoon in Paris van Java, we are enjoying tea time and a huge plate of homemade sausages... what a lovely day. Of course, it'll get perfect when we picture our friends with the bags. Here they are...

On another lovely day, a short time after lunch, there's always a break to pose and showing the beauty of Uis Gara bags.

Still ... in Paris van Java...

Miss Lola wearing blue swirl skirt bag... and miss Ira carrying pink heart grip bag.

Meet our little model, Qui Elle. On the bright afternoon, she is very eager to perform her show wearing her white pink dress and of course insist on carrying two of our bags.

In this photo, Qui Elle is carrying Moulan Rouge Mini Tote Bag. Well, of course it is look perfect for her, because it's "Mini". But for adults, the bag is a grip bag, not a shoulder bag :

Hmmm... just checking, I wonder what's inside? Ow.. a zipper pocket.. I can put my wallet
and cell phone there. Yup, my Teddy Bear would also fit in, and my bottle milk, and two
large pouch of Oreo. Wait ... of course my coloring book can also go in here too. 
Yippee... I can go on picnic with this. 

After a while circling the yard with the Mini, she took the Yellow Floral Skirt Bag. Go around, turn right, turn left, oh yeah.. I look cool.

 Mum, I think I like this one. Can I keep it? Can I put this in my closet? Pleaseee....

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  1. hi...bidadari kecil yg cuantik...lagi jadi model untuk Mamah ya?!Wah...pinter nich..Smoga sehat selalu ya...biar Mamahnya tambah smangat!!!